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The Rescue

Today's blog will definitely be a little different. I took some time over the weekend to go through some old journals that I kept. I found a poem I wrote a few years ago and thought man I want to share this. Hope you enjoy!


As I sit and reflect on my mended heart

I remember a time I was shattered and weak

I spoke death over myself, my dreams,and my goals

In spite of the times I tried to choose my own way

You snatched me up from the pits I caused by not letting go

The rescue, you are THE rescue, and to my rescue you come with trumpets blowing

God I am a mess,dirty, stained, and UNQUALIFIED

Don't use me this must be a mistake

Choose someone better to glorify your name

You persist that I am indeed the one

You've seen what I've done and yes I'm still called

Not dirty, I'm clean with the sacrifice of your son!

Qualified because you deemed me so

Come forth, break chains

You've always been free

I was just waiting for you to finally believe

Mold breaker, changemaker you're just how I made you

Go do works in my name

Be bold, you're coming out better!

My daughter, that's what I named YOU!

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