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You Know What?!

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Fellow mamas, how are you doing? Specifically those with preteen boys...sis, are you ok? These past couple of weeks have been rough for your girl. I told you all before I was working on some home improvement projects. I'm also here to tell you, I am much more suited for design. It's been frustrating and not relaxing. So I quit. I did the simple projects and tasks. Anything else I am paying for. I don't have the time to be frustrated about things outside of my scope.

If 2020 has taught me anything it's to make life simpler for myself. I have started to meal prep again and when I cook during the week the meals have to take 30 minutes or less. So most days it's a protein, veggie and low fat carb. I believe in my crockpot and recently purchased an air fryer and am excited to try it. Eli is too. Of all things to want to try, he wants meatballs. Meanwhile, I'm excited about fried fish without the mess. Perspective right?

Perspective is something that most of us have had to shift constantly this year. From the pandemic, to uncomfortable conversations, and the upcoming election. You throw in working from home and trying to assist with remote learning and you have the Final Destination of the real world. I often wonder what movies will be made about 2020. If it will resemble a comedy or a thriller. I also wonder what the history books will say. If it will be reflected accurately or if it will be portrayed like a Disney movie.

All I know is it better reflect at least two things: That teachers need a pay raise, because they need to come get their kids. Secondly, mamas were running around half crazy, clinging to Jesus and coffee. All while raising tiny humans. Give us our props.

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