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Argue With Your Shadow

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

What do you think when hear the phrase Argue With Your Shadow? I hope it's exactly what I meant. But if not, let me tell you the story. It came from a pointless conversation. I thought someone wanted to really understand the #BLM movement. Turns out they just wanted to argue about it. In turn, I said "argue with your shadow" and left the conversation.

Argue with Your Shadow is a statement that you don't have time for fruitless arguments. Not just arguments, but conversations that won't be beneficial for your mental and emotional health. Who has time for additional stress or frustration in 2020? This year has been enough. 😩 From covid, to social injustice, to MURDER HORNETS. 🦟🦟

Of course my hope is that you would purchase an item. More than anything though, I hope you walk away from situations that don't benefit you. Have the mindset that mental health is KING. Let them argue with themselves. #arguewithyourshadow #notme

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