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Goodbye Jumanji...We Hope

Hey peeps!!! We are almost there! It is so close to the new year. I know 2020 has been, well, 2020. We have all been through so much this year. I know it's definitely taken a toll on me. I do hope that even with all that has been going on, you have had some bright spots during this year. I know I've truly enjoyed working from home (for the most part). It's allowed me the luxury of a slower morning and getting some things done around the house. But like many moms across the globe it's been difficult balancing working from home with remote learning. I SEE YOU, I FEEL YOU, AND I HEAR YOU. It's not an easy job. And oftentimes it's a thankless job. One day, the kiddos will know how absolutely amazing you are. You are crushing it! 💖💖💖

We do not give ourselves the credit we deserve as moms. Navigating motherhood, working, staying at home mom (24 hour job), keeping our houses in order DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC. If nobody else tells you, YOU ARE A BOSS! I know some would tell you to keep pushing and that's great advice and encouragement. However, I want to tell you to keep PAUSING. Your mind is overloaded and you need a quick break. Take a pause. Someone asks you to do something and you really don't want to. Say no, no is a complete sentence. You want to take your time and eat your food in the silence of the car. DO IT. Take those daily pauses. And take your time while pausing. These kids can wait sis. 💅💅💅

You are doing an amazing job. You're not complaining if you say how you really feel. You are being human. Staying inside and away from your family, is not fun. So say it, feel it, and process it as you feel the need to. My hope for you is that 2021 would be greater than your 2020. You can still pat yourself on the back for 2020 though. You conquered it sis. So cheers to you!!!💃💃💃💃 Happy (early) New Year!

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