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Guess Who’s Back?

I know, I know. It’s been quite a while since a blog was dropped on the site. If I could be very candid, life was LIFE-ING. I talk a lot about really taking inventory of your physical, mental, and emotional health. During this break, I did just that. I never shy away from speaking about anxiety and my advocacy for therapy. I also have one other announcement...ya girl is officially TRADEMARKED. It is my hope that this announcement makes everything clear. To best protect my brand, moving in silence was CRITICAL. I’m excited to be back, to talk about support, and career readiness.

I initially really wanted to create a monthly membership for us, but that is not where I feel led at this time. After some time spent in quietness, the landscape I see is different. We will talk about career tips and motherhood. Show off some outfits I wear to my job as a Career Advisor. Get a real-life snapshot of my day with the Garage Chronicles. We will discuss careers, parenting, and living life as a woman on The Ministry of Mom podcast. Basically, let us do life together.

The Ministry of Mom is my little engine that could. The vision has changed, but its purpose has not. This is the space where we speak freely, talk about our lives holistically, and use strategy in our careers. It’s the place where community, passion, gifts, and purpose COLLIDE. Get ready to walk in purpose and be led by faith.

Welcome back. You ready?

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