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Jesus, Get Your People

Hey Mamas! I am one week away from launching the newest products for The Ministry of Mom. Jesus, Get Your People. It's such a joy to be able to release it finally! It is my hope that the pride in their creation is evident in the products. And do not think for one second I have not taken your suggestions into consideration. We are working really hard to get you the clothing and accessories you want at the price point you deserve. I got you mama! In the meantime let me tell you about the story of our newest release. 🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🧨🧨✨✨

To know me is to know sometimes I say some very interesting things. I am also pretty open about my impatience when on the road. Mostly when people don't drive safely. I was driving with my mom and became increasingly frustrated. I ended up muttering under my breath "Jesus, get your people". My mom started laughing hysterically. So did I. It's become my thing when I'm driving or in an otherwise frustrating situation. Spoiler alert, one of those situations is repeating myself several times to a teenager. The people in question can be adults or baby saints ( kids).

The phrase brings me to a calm state almost immediately and I crack up thinking about my mom. What situations would cause you to ask Jesus to get his people?

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