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A Millennial State of Mind

When I say its been a busy few weeks....I mean it. I announced a few weeks ago I had some merchandise in the works and would be launching them at the end of this month. As a creative it doesn't always feel like work when you're designing and taking classes to perfect your craft. But as a single mom who works a full time day job....babyyyyy 打打 I'm TIRED.

Every day I find a way to keep pushing because this is what I've been working towards for the last few years. Dreams and vision take HARD work. Eyes have to be on the prize.

Some would say that I have tunnel vision. And tunnel vision can be good or bad. I'd like to call it 2020 vision. You know, when you can see things clearly, you can see the path, and the fruits of your labor. Working on my goals gives me energy and pure joy. My blog, the merchandise, my books; are all my babies.

There are many skills I have had to acquire in this process and there has been assistance as well. I know millennials can sometimes have a bad wrap. One thing I do know is that we are full of ingenuity. Another is that we are solution oriented and ready to take on challenges. I hope that never changes.

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