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A Quarantined Mother's Day

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Next Sunday is Mothers Day and while we can't traditionally celebrate we can still have some fun. I know it could be difficult to essentially celebrate yourself if you have really little kiddos. But I got you!

1. Choose a simple dinner or better yet order out. A really delicious, but yummy choice is roasted chicken and veggies. Or I repeat go through a drive thru and/or pick up some food.

2. Get dressed up and go for a car ride. Sometimes some fresh air is a bright spot and well needed.

3. Did I mention get dressed up? Put a full face of makeup on and change out of your sweats. Take plenty of pictures with your kiddos.

4. Don't feel guilty about treating yourself. We may not be able to go to the salon or spa. But we can use a face mask and soak our feet. Paint your nails and deep condition your hair. Do it!

5. Lastly, make sure to enjoy yourself. If your idea of celebrating is eating icecream in a unicorn onesie. Live your life! Don't let these kids kill your dream sis!

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1 Comment

Lennice Davis
Lennice Davis
May 05, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this read Fran🤗 I just might try some of these out we shall see 😁😃💓

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