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A Seat At The Table

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Recently, my Pastor started a 100 day challenge. The challenge is to work toward your goals. We have a journal and calendar to assist us with keeping track of them. I certainly have goals of owning businesses and writing many books. But, one of my main goals was overcoming a deep fear of belonging at tables, I unqualified myself for. Read that again.

I often would try to shrink in my seat as much as possible in order for peeps to not call on me. If they did, what would they find? Would I not be able to communicate properly? Maybe, I would stutter. I tend to do that when I'm really nervous. Or would they see me as an inarticulate fraud? The anxiety I would have at these tables "too big for me". I decided to tackle this head on. I took a meeting with a woman I admired about my professional development. She said something that immediately shifted me. "You belong at every table you encounter. You can do any job you want to do. You may do it differently, but you can do it. " And all of a sudden, before every meeting, panel discussion, or opportunity I have encountered that is my mantra. And just like I belong at every table I encounter, so do you. If you are willing to learn, hear different perspectives, and grow...sis you are a force to be reckoned with. Don't just sit at the table, command it. That table is yours.

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