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Bossin Up

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Who else is exhausted, has insomnia, and forgets the day of the week pretty frequently? Great it's not just me. I thought I was alone there for a moment. Yes, it is too much to deal with on a daily basis. But here we are....dealing with it. Whether we wanted to or not. There is no opt out. Trust me if there was...I would have closed this book of Jumanji back in March. Since that is not an option I would like to instead offer some inside scoop on what I'm doing to not internalize all the chaos going on.

The first thing is I've increased my quiet time with God. I set up my table with my study bible, prayer journal, stickers, highlighters, pens and light some candles. If I'm going to be there for awhile I want to make it comfy and smell really nice. Eucalyptus or vanilla candles just makes the atmosphere instantly calm. I drink my coffee and having worship music playing in the background. Increasing that time has been a game changer. Now I know everyone can't follow this exactly, but you can try to incorporate what you can.

I have also taken up daily walks. It's calming, my puppy loves it, and I walk with a friend. Practicing social distance of course. It gives me semi-in person interaction, it's good for my heart, and physical health. Plus, I love walks. Just call me grandma Shan at this point. Also try green smoothies first thing in the morning. I usually use more veggies and a tiny bit of fruit. Trust me, they are delicious.

You may not want to try either of those tips. Maybe you want to watch tv, journal, or just lounge around. Do it. If it helps you make it through the day. DO IT. It's been a long year, ahem, six months. The definition of Bossin Up is to take care of yourself. Gone are the days of you sacrificing yourself for everyone else. That's the quickest way to burn out. Do something for you today. BOSS UP QUEEN!

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1 Comment

Lennice Davis
Lennice Davis
Jul 15, 2020

Well wam bam thank you ma'am! Yes, I needed that🤗🙌🏾🙏🏽💗💗💜

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