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Finally...The Cookie Crumbled

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

A couple of weeks ago I was singing around the house in an opera voice. I heard Eli whispering to his cousin on FaceTime " my mom has finally lost it. Corona broke her." I thought it was so funny, until the morning of Mother's day. I woke up and burst into tears. I just wanted to be with my mom.

My initial reaction was to dry my eyes and suck it up. But then I remembered I always encourage others to feel their feelings. To acknowledge them and move on. So I did. I cried, journaled, and then decided my day would be great. And guess what? I had a flood of calls, cashapps, and texts come in. I was able to not cook until dinner and watched movies most of my day. It wasn't perfect, but it was quiet, peaceful, and full of love.

My fellow women and mamas I know it's our job to make sure everyone is ok. It's a hard job. It's also our job to make sure we are ok. So if you had a moment like me, where you couldn't physically be with your mom, or maybe your mom passed. I'm incredibly sorry. From one woman to another, it's okay to not be okay. Feel your feelings. Know that across the world, there are millions of us united together. Sending you love ♥️.

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