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Rest and Balance: The Secret to Success

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Have you ever listened to a list of things that people do and you want to take a nap for their benefit? Peep's I was people. I thought that shoving everything that can fit in a day onto my plate was the most beneficial way for me to progress. Oftentimes this would leave me drained,tired, and cranky. But it was okay because it was all for the greater good right?

LIES. In all things there must be balance. Yes I want to work hard but YES I also want a nap. 🤷

As a woman and as a mom, I'm always trying to find the right balance for my child, ministry, work and projects. It's like a never ending seesaw. But seesaws are legit fun. Sometimes my attention will have to be focused heavily on one area and then it changes. I've learned and relearned that I can do everything I set out to...just not at the same time and not without help.

Enjoy the seesaw. I know I do. Other than the time it caused me literal stitches. But that's a story for another day. 🥴🤕🤕

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Yes! I'm all about a nap too. I feel like everything with COVID19 has helped me learn how to consistently operate in a place of grace. It's also helped me to learn that resting or even taking time to watch a movie on Disney Plus with my children is okay!

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