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The Love of Writing

Updated: Dec 20, 2020


I struggled writing this weekend. I wanted to give you something to blow you away. I began to think, does every every piece have to be the one to blow them away? Of course I want the very best content for you. However, what happened to writing just to write? Or writing for me?

I spent some time journaling and writing down ideas. I crafted characters and backstories for books not yet written. I spent time brainstorming for a short story. I attended a virtual creative writing webinar. Sometimes, I have to go back to the basics. Go back to why I originally started writing. I didn't write something that would "blow you away" and that's ok. Instead I wrote what was authentic to me.

I don't know what your love or dream is but I want to keep it all the way real with you. Sometimes, it will get hard. You may be sick, tired, or put so much pressure on yourself that you lose your way. Take the time to reflect on why you love your dream. Go back to the basics and flourish.

Also, take a nap. Naps are life and solve 85% of my problems.

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Lennice Davis
Lennice Davis

I so need to be about that nap life!😁 And it may def help me pause and rejuvenate w my littles💓 This was such a refreshing and encouraging read. Thank you so much!!😘

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